In line with IIX’s mission to give women a voice and value in the global market, the WLB™ Series is aligned with the Social Bonds Principles (SBP) published by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA), as well as with the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum’s ASEAN Social Bond Standards.

This ensures that proceeds from the bonds go towards financing Borrowers who will collectively drive forward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality, ultimately benefitting underserved women across Asia-Pacific.


To further support the WLB™ Series’ compliance with the ICMA SBPs, IIX’s Impact Assessment Framework is used to (i) assess how the Portfolio Manager evaluates gender-lens outcomes on end beneficiaries (underserved women); and (ii) a summary of the expected impact of the WLB™ Series at the portfolio level to assess how the Portfolio Manager creates impact through a multi-country, multi-sector portfolio, while advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


IIX Values™ builds on our extensive experience in impact measurement and data analytics to bring value to a global set of companies.

The platform solution is used within our WLB™ Series to monitor the impact of our portfolio companies. The surveys and assessments analyze the company’s impact on those who matter on the ground to ensure transparency and true positive impact for those who need it most.

Please find an example of our latest framework used for our WLB4Climate™ below. To find out more about our IIX Values™ please follow the link here.


The WLB™ Series bond issuances advance 14 out of the 17 UN SDGs, recognizing that women empowerment and gender equality are critical to solving the world’s biggest sustainable development challenges. The WLB™ Series is also aligned with the International Capital Markets Association Social Bond Principles (ICMA) and is recognized as a ‘2X Investment’ under the 2X Initiative.

Women and girls from low-income communities will be equipped to combat poverty and enhance financial inclusion

Women smallholder marigold farmers will benefit from an increase in yield per harvest due to sustainable agriculture practices

Women and girls will benefit from improved health due to access to affordable healthcare and better nutrition

Young women and girls will benefit from improved education by receiving financial support to stay longer in school

Women will transition to sustainable livelihoods and have enhanced financial resilience through savings and insurance

Women beneficiaries will benefit from improved access to clean water and sanitation facilities

Women and girls will be provided with access to clean and reliable energy sources, enhancing productivity

Women micro entrepreneurs will be provided with access to affordable credit to grow and sustain their businesses

Women will benefit from higher earnings due to upskilling and increased workforce placement opportunities

Women micro entrepreneurs will increase their income which enables them to reduce income inequality with male counterparts

Women and girls will have improved mobility, safety and shelter outcomes


Smallholder women farmers will achieve sustainable manage and use of natural resources through training and farming education

Women farmers will be equipped with affordable agri-inputs and training in climate-smart agriculture

The WLB Series has coalesced a range of public and private sector partners spanning banks, law firms, government bodies, United Nations Bodies and more