WLB Series Blueprint Paper

This Paper was created in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation. It provides an overview of the Bond’s mechanics by outlining the key steps involved in the bond structuring process. Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, a visionary catalyst in the impact investing space, this paper will capture the work done by IIX on product, pipeline, partnership development, and bond issuance.

Yanur Begum workers in the Wool Tex Sweaters Limited in Shewrapara in Dhaka. Photo: Abir Abdullah/ADB

WLB Series Case Study

This case study commissioned by Tote Board explores how IIX conceived the WLB™ Series to meet key gaps in the impact investing market. The Series had to be flexible in its design and marketing strategies in response to changing circumstances. The case study also highlights the need for collaboration on such initiatives with a diverse range of stakeholders to drive innovation for social change.


WLB Series Case Study

This case study authored by Convergence examines how the WLB™ Series served as an innovative application of a traditional financial instrument to the impact investment sector, ultimately bridging the current gap between the SDGs and the global financial markets. With a particular focus on Asia, the case study provides a comprehensive description of the full WLB™ process.