WLB5 Deal Terms

  • Issuance Size: US$50 million
  • Issuance Date: December 2022
  • Maturity Date: December 2026
  • ISIN: XS2563979512 (REGS)
  • ISIN: XS2563978381 (144A)

Performance Reports

The US$50 million WLB5 is the world’s first Orange Bond, a new asset class for gender-lens investing. The WLB5 comprises a multi-continent, multi-sector portfolio that will collectively empower ~300,000 women and girls to build economic resilience and advance climate action.

You can read more about the Orange Bond Initiative™ and join the movement here.

Portfolio Composition



Impact Performance

Impact Performance
Indicator (cumulative through Q4 2023)TargetActualStatus
Women Directly Impacted44,08944,797Exceeded
Social Return on Investment (SROI)$4.00$4.00Met

Impact Monitoring and Verification

IIX collects and verifies women-centric impact data for each WLB™ Bond on a semi-annual basis. This data is provided by borrowers’ via in-person and mobile-enabled stakeholder surveys through IIX Values™. Using IIX Values™, IIX can provide investors with impact reports that are verified by women on the ground, giving their voices a value in the market.

WLB5 Official Video

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