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Performance Overview

Financial Performance
Performance criteriaStatus
DefaultsNone (no call on USAID guarantee)
Coupon PaymentsAll scheduled coupon payments made on time
Impact Performance
Indicator (cumulative through Q4 2023)TargetActualStatus
Women Directly Impacted92,49393,126Exceeded
Social Return on Investment (SROI)$3.97$4.31Exceeded

Impact Monitoring and Verification

As part of the social due diligence for WLB3, IIX collects and verifies women-centric impact data on a semi-annual basis. This data is provided by borrowers’ via in-person and mobile-enabled stakeholder surveys through IIX Values™. Using IIX Values™, IIX can provide investors with impact reports that are verified by women on the ground, giving their voices a value in the market.

Access to Finance

8 out of 10

Women Empowerment

8 out of 10

Agents of Climate Action

8 out of 10


Priya is a Marigold supplier to one of the portfolio companies, where she receives agricultural training, fair pricing and free crop inputs. Through IIX’s WLB3, Priya has benefited from regular agricultural training sessions and has since increased her yield by 2 tons per harvest.

Besides improving Priya’s crop yield, the provision of seeds and agricultural inputs has enabled Priya to formally integrate into the agriculture supply chain over the four-year tenor of IIX’s WLB3 loan. With an annual income of US$560 from producing 7 tons of marigold, the increased income has contributed to her children’s education and home expenses – ultimately accelerating global food security and empowering women to be pillars of COVID-relief, recovery, and resilience.

Jasmine is a micro-business owner living in the Philippines. Through IIX’s WLB3 proceeds, one of the portfolio companies extended a US$300 loan to Jasmine to run her glove manufacturing business, of which US$100 is used to provide food and essentials to her 2 children. After taking this loan, Jasmine’s income increased remarkably by 60% to US$285 – enabling her to reinvest her money into the business and grow her revenue.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the proceeds from WLB3 have also provided Jasmine the working capital to start a secondary mask-making business. She is now able to diversify her income streams and sustain her family through this crisis. This story reflects women’s abilities in advancing economic recovery for herself and her family.

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