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Financial Inclusion & SME Lending


Sustainable Agriculture / Fisheries

Performance Overview

Financial Performance
Performance criteriaStatus
DefaultsNone (no call on USAID guarantee)
Coupon PaymentsAll scheduled coupon payments made on time
Impact Performance
Indicator (cumulative through Q4 2023) TargetActualStatus
Women Directly Impacted98,000114,300Exceeded
Social Return on Investment (SROI)$3.13$3.57Exceeded

Impact Monitoring and Verification

As part of the social due diligence for WLB 2, IIX collects and verifies women-centric impact data on a semi-annual basis. This data is provided by borrowers’ via in-person and mobile-enabled stakeholder surveys through IIX Values™. Using IIX Values™, IIX can provide investors with impact reports that are verified by women on the ground, giving their voices a value in the market.

Access to Finance

8 out of 10
women reported easier access to first loan and affordability to repay loans

Women Empowerment

9 out of 10
women reported improved quality of life*

Based on % of female customers reporting better access to resource, treated with respect by their family/community and participate more actively in decision making at home and in the community

Agents of Climate Change

7 out of 10
women farmers reported positive contribution to the environment

Based on % of female customers/farmers reporting Borrower’s product/service have contributed positively to communities and the environment

Voices from the Field

Sophy is a 48-year-old mother of four living in Kandal province, Cambodia. A micro-business owner, Sophy’s primary household income has been the grocery business which she has ran from her house for 12 years. Sophy started with a working capital loan of US$5,000 and a home improvement loan of US$10,000. With her income increasing by 60%, she has been able to provide a higher standard of living for her family and was even able to send her children to university.

Through IIX’s WLB2, Sophy recently obtained a loan of US$15,000 which she used to buy a van so that her and her husband can deliver food to customers even during the pandemic and sustain their business. This aligns with IIX’s mission to empower women entrepreneurs to be pillars of COVID-relief, recovery, and resilience.

Champei is a smallholder farmer who cultivates organic and sustainable rice. Before being formally integrated into the supply chain of rice exporters funded by WLB2, Champei’s weekly income was highly unpredictable as she lacked a stable market to sell her rice and was subjected to highly volatile prices offered by middlemen. After becoming a formal supplier, Champei benefits from a 20% increase in yield per harvest as a result of organic and climate-smart farming training she has received.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IIX WLB2 has enabled women smallholder farmers like Champei to continue to increase her income through fair pricing and access to markets. These women now earn premium prices for her organic products which have further increased by 12% during COVID-19 as a result of the surge in demand for organic rice. This story epitomizes the critical role women play in accelerating Cambodia’s economic recovery from the pandemic and advancing global food security.