WLB1 Deal Terms

  • Issuance Size: US$ 8.5 Million
  • Issuance Date: July 2017
  • Maturity Date: July 2021
  • ISIN: XS1476571614

Portfolio Composition










Financial Inclusion & SME Lending


Essential Goods & Services

Performance Overview

Financial Performance
Performance criteriaStatus
DefaultsNone (no call on USAID guarantee)
Coupon PaymentsAll scheduled coupon payments made on time
Impact Performance
Indicators / Overall OutputsTargetActualsStatus
Total # of Female Beneficiaries (Direct)377,389453,074Exceeded
Social Return on Investment (SROI)US$2.40US$3.10Exceeded

Impact Monitoring and Verification

As part of the social due diligence for the WLB1, IIX collects and verifies women-centric impact data on a semi-annual basis. This data is provided by borrowers’ via in-person and mobile-enabled stakeholder surveys through IIX Values™. Using IIX Values™, IIX can provide investors with impact reports that are verified by women on the ground, giving their voices a value in the financial markets.


8 out of 10
women reported easier access to first loan and affordability to repay loans


9 out of 10
women reported improved quality of life*

Based on % of female customers reporting better access to resource, treated with respect by their family/community and participate more actively in decision making at home and in the community


Voices from the Field

Maria has been a regular borrower with one of the WLB1 portfolio companies for the past 19 years. Beyond just enabling her to expand her business through more working capital, Maria’s loan has allowed her to support the education of her two children and access affordable health and life insurance. As described by Maria, “Without it, I would have turned to informal loans which usually comes with higher interest rates, threatening my household income.” This was particularly beneficial when she had to cover medical and hospitalization expenses, and burial services upon her husband’s death.

Through IIX’s WLB1, Maria continues to receive insurance coverage that has made her more resilient to uncertainties. Without having to worry about her children’s future and her own future financial outlook, she feels more secure with her life now. This is well aligned with IIX’s mission to improve women’s financial security and empower women to be pillars of COVID-relief, recovery, and resilience.

Maya is a garment factory worker and a mother of two living in Vietnam. Maya benefited from the WLB1 proceeds which allowed her to buy a refrigerator on a zero-interest payment loan – which has since improved her income and quality of life. Having previously spent 2 hours per week traveling to purchase fresh groceries for her family, Maya can now keep her groceries safe and fresh throughout the week, all whilst spending her time on more productive activities such as teaching her children and working.

With the IIX WLB1 proceeds, Maya also has plans to use her increased income to purchase a laptop for her children. “I want them to have access to the right education and resources to help them become successful doctors,” said Maya. This story is exemplary of the critical role women play in promoting significant multi-generational impact that eventually lifts her family out of poverty and advances women’s role in the economy.