Mainstreaming Gender-lens Investing Across the World

The WLB™ Series has raised over US $228 million from accredited investors across the world. Each issuance has continued to scale-up in size and has channeled capital into diversified portfolios spanning across a range of sectors and continents

Since 2017, our WLB™ Series has gathered interest from investors across the world, spanning across various backgrounds. Addressing the dimensions of risk-return-impact, IIX issued the award-winning Women’s Livelihood Bond™ (WLB™) 1 in 2017, the first gender-lens, impact investing security listed on a stock exchange. The WLB™ Series has since grown from the US$8.5m WLB1 to the world’s largest Orange Bond and oversubscribed US$100 million WLB6. To date, the WLB™ Series has mobilized +US$228 million and is empowering over 2,600,000 women across Asia and Africa.


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