The WLB™ Series’ unique approach to impact measurement, monitoring, and verification collectively enables women to achieve sustainable livelihoods and build their economic resilience to socio-economic and environmental shocks and stresses which in turn allows them to act as solutions to multiple sustainable development challenges.


Aligning Across a Multitude of International Standards


Before onboarding entities into the WLB™ Series the impact team conducts an impact due diligence, including interviews with senior management and female clients. This process enables IIX to determine a potential borrower’s impact performance and develop a tailored gender-action plan.

IIX Values™

During the onboarding and monitoring processes the team utilizes IIX Values™, a digital impact verification tool to give women at the last mile a voice and a value in capital markets. The results are shared with our borrowers and investors and support developing an inclusive financial market.


During the bonds’ 4-year tenor, IIX provides investors with semi-annual impact reports and annually conducts impact verification with the female clients of our portfolio companies to proactively engage marginalized communities in the evaluation process.

Aligning Across a Multitude of International Standards

With a Tailored and Innovative Framework to Maximize Impact

lX Women's Livelihood Bond™ Series
Portfolio Level Gender Lens & Sustainable Impact Framework
(Gender-disaggregated metrics)
Primary Outcomes - Impact on Direct Women Clients
Secondary Outcomes - Impact on the Family, the Community, the State and the Planet
Tertiary Outcomes - Impact on the Gender-Lens Investing Movement and the Sustainable Finance Ecosystem